Environmental Sustainability

Birmingham City Foundation are committed to reducing the impact that all our operations and programmes have on the environment. We will consider environmental impact and sustainability in all that we do and strive to continually improve our environmental performance.


The Foundation understands that our activities and operations can play a part in creating an environmental imbalance and that our business, activities and programmes can cause an environmental change, whether adverse or positive. By reducing the negative impact of our environmental footprint and increasing our positive impact, we can actively strive to balance these changes to help protect our ecosystems, pollution, depletion of resources and habitats.


This policy applies to all employees, workers, volunteers, trustees, visitors within the Foundation or contractors providing services to the Foundation and we will endeavour to work with partners and suppliers who have a commitment to addressing environmental sustainability.

Aims and Objectives

  • We will demonstrate good practice and actively work towards reducing our environmental footprint.
  • We will comply with all environmental legislation and regulations.
  • We will promote sustainability to all staff, students, participant, suppliers, visitors, and stakeholders and encourage feedback.
  • We will achieve measurable reductions in our environmental impact.


The Trustee with responsibility for Environmental Sustainability will provide oversight and the promotion of environmental sustainability goals and will consider the work of the Foundation towards environmental sustainability at each Board meeting.

The staff member with responsibility for Environmental sustainability will ensure that environmental sustainability is a continuous process and that it is imbedded in all processes and operations and play a key role in developing and implementing the action plan.

The working Group will report annually on the progress made in key areas including:

  • Minimising waste production and pollution.
  • Promote and implement recycling and reuse activities.
  • Efficient use of our resources.
  • Protecting and conserving water resources.

The report will include progress against the targets set within the action plan.

To ensure that the Foundation achieve its aims, we will commit to the following:

  • Annual environmental audits for each department.
  • Develop and review sustainability targets and actions to reduce our footprint.
  • Promote and communicate ES procedures and good practice both internally and externally and encourage feedback.
  • Integrate environmental and sustainability principles into operational procedures and decision-making processes.
  • Ensure progress on improvement of the Foundation’s environmental performance will be a standard agenda item at management meetings.
  • Everyone who works at the Foundation will be expected to support the Foundation in carrying out its aim of being an environmentally responsible organisation in how we carry out our day-to-day operation.
  • Regular awareness sessions and environmental responsibility training will be provided to staff on induction and as part of mandatory training.
  • We will observe existing environmental legislation as a minimum standard and seek to perform over and above this standard.
  • Where practical we will consider environmental criteria when purchasing goods and services.
  • Work continuously to improve our environmental performance.


We will:

  • Comply with all regulatory requirements.
  • Continually review our action plan and report progress to the Board.
  • Review this policy to ensure that it is being effectively communicated and implemented.
  • Consider environmental factors when making business decisions.
  • Continually encourage reduction and improvements in our environmental performance.
  • Improve staff awareness through training, Foundation updates and CPD.

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