Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Birmingham City Foundation are committed to providing diverse, equal and inclusive opportunities for everyone.

We believe that any person who engages in our activities or programmes, who works within the Foundation or who accesses our services, irrespective of their personal characteristics, has a right to be treated fairly and with respect and dignity. 

The Foundation is committed to creating an environment which embraces diversity and encourages inclusivity to empower people to achieve their full potential.

We do not condone discrimination of any kind and we are committed to confronting and eliminating discrimination by having a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, unlawful discrimination, victimisation, bullying and abuse and by promoting dignity and respect for all.

At the Foundation, equality, diversity and inclusion is everyone’s responsibility and every person has a duty to support and uphold the principles outlined in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Our commitment to EDI and creating an environment which is free from fear and prejudice includes:

· Seeking to understand the barriers and challenges to equality in order to eliminate discrimination.
· Educating our staff, participants and local people and raising awareness in all areas of EDI to break down barriers to participation.
· Ensure that EDI is imbedded into everything we do.
· Recognise that everyone has a contribution to make to our society and that people with different skills, backgrounds and experiences can bring a wealth of new perceptions and ideas to our organisation.
· Create an open and honest environment where issues and concerns around EDI can be discussed in a non-judgemental way and where we can learn and understand from different perspectives.
· Encourage a culture of challenging practices and behaviour which go against our principles and always act as role models to colleagues, participants and any other person that we may have contact with.

Our Equality Action Plan illustrates our pledge to continually strive to improve our approach to EDI and our accountability for monitoring change and progress.

We will take all reports of discrimination seriously and we will listen and act to ensure that we offer a safe and discrimination free environment where people can develop and grow without regard to their age, race, marital or civil partnership status, sex or sexual orientation, disability, gender reassignment or pregnancy or maternity or religion and belief.

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