Blues Foundation launches auction platform

A new auction site that will feature a wide range of special Blues memorabilia is now live.

Signed matchworn shirts from BluesFest are the first items available for supporters to bid on, with new items to be added to the page on a regular basis. Bids are now open for matchworn shirts from Craig Gardner, Roger Johnson, Maik Taylor and more.

Supporters can visit the auction site by clicking here and all proceeds will go to the Birmingham City Foundation.

As the Stadium improvements progress, supporters can expect items from across St. Andrew’s @ Knighthead Park to be included on the site, from old seats and brickwork to rare matchworn shirts and historic items from years gone by.

The Club will promote the addition of new items through the Foundation’s social media pages – so, be sure to follow the accounts on XFacebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

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